I deleted a post on Facebook that I wrote earlier. I related that my dog became very excited when I spoke to him in Spanish. I commented that maybe his first owner, as he’s adopted, was Latino. “LOL” I kept thinking about it and thought that, in hindsight, perhaps it was offensive.

Politically correct (or incorrect) is definitely a hot topic. I’ve made myself cringe a time or two hearing my own words fall out of my mouth without forethought. As much as I would like to believe that receiving ears understood my intent, I’m immediately sorry. Silence doesn’t equal forgiveness and I often wonder what the other person is thinking.

Navigating language is becoming more and more challenging. I love words and can spend hours thinking about what they mean and how they sound. I can get caught up expressing myself and editing may momentarily go by the wayside. I welcome peaceful discussion on the subject so that we can understand one another better. However, what I see in the world is a cat-like reflex to any perceived insult.

I have been personally affected by the use of language. My heart has repaired itself many times from damaging words. I understand the destruction that can be done with a single sentence. Yet, we’re living in a world where our own leaders freely verbally attack others and scold the rest of us for being upset. When will we all just get along?