I’m job hunting…and hunting…and hunting. The frustration of such a task is challenging. I’m beginning to wonder where I belong.

I realize that I’m not exactly a hot commodity. I’ve pretty much been a housewife for the last twenty-two years. I may excel at many things, but my resume isn’t being read thoroughly. I’m middle-aged, not a college graduate (although I’m working toward that) and I can’t rebuild a computer. Certainly, those aren’t the only things people care about.

The things that are important, at least in my eyes, are the things being overlooked. I’m eager to learn new skills and build a life of my own. I will show up every day without an excuse and work hard. I won’t be on my cell phone or social media. I will be an exceptional employee. Surely,  someone could benefit from my desire to achieve and that I take immense pride in my work. Isn’t there an employer looking for THOSE skills?

I will NOT give up because that’s not who I am. I will persevere. I will continue the search and pray that my efforts will soon be rewarded. I know that I’m not the only one going through a difficult time and I will pray for those as well. I am committed to my journey…and God willing, it will be a successful one!!!