I seem to be encountering space invaders lately. I’m not talking about aliens. These are humans that seem to be completely clueless with regard to personal space.

While paying for groceries the other day, I had a young gentleman standing behind me . I mean, RIGHT behind me. If he had a halitosis issue, I definitely would have known.  I turned and looked at him a couple of times, but he seemed oblivious to my agitation. Now, I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I’ve heard the news reports about people stealing your personal information this way. Sort of like the card reader scams. So while I don’t want to be a victim of theft, I don’t want to come across as a crazy lady either. I proceed with my transaction and promise myself that the next time, I will say something. But what?

That wasn’t the first time that has happened, which is why I’ve decided that it’s time to address the issue. People, when someone is conducting a financial transaction, give them room! Unless the two of you have an intimate relationship, they shouldn’t be able to feel or smell you. If I turn to you and ask, “Excuse me. Are we together?”. Please have the courtesy of taking two steps back. After all, everyone needs a little space.