I had another one of those moments when I realize my choices are now truly my own. If I want leftover mashed potatoes for breakfast, then that’s what I’m eating. I seriously doubt my stomach knows the difference. Food is food! Funny how that makes me feel so rebellious.

The second season of “The Crown” is about to be released, so I’m re-watching the first. How nice to be able to do that in peace and quiet. I’m starting to think that maybe single life isn’t so bad. What else do I want to watch again?

To socialize or not to socialize, that is the question! How wonderful to choose Netflix over bars or loud restaurants. Knowing I don’t have to be the life of someone else’s party is a beautiful thing.

I watched a news report of demonstrations in North Carolina this morning. Two groups on opposite sides of the fence. Nothing is being accomplished other than hurling insults at each other. Neither has sense to come out of the rain. They remain like ostrich, but it is their choice just the same.

Right or wrong, good or bad, we are free to make our own decisions. Some take that too far while others don’t exercise it enough. It can divide us or unite us. We all have the right to decide for ourselves. It’s called freedom.