They think they’re so clever and believe that no one is aware of what they’re doing. I am here to tell you, bullies, that I know EXACTLY what you’re doing. Do not mistake my silence for ignorance… or weakness!!!

When we talk about bullies, most often what we imagine are children on the playground. However, kids grow up and when they grow up a bully, they become dangerous. They’ve tasted the power and they like it. They want to be top dog and they’re always prepared for battle. The distress of their victims serves as fuel for their demented idea of fun.

It’s amazing how many games are played on a daily basis. A person with this defect will only become worse over time. They don’t improve just because they get older. Age has absolutely nothing to do with the behavior. In fact, they hone their skills over time. These people are opportunists and are ready to pounce on easy prey.

I am no longer prey. I will not spend another moment fearing a coward, because that is what a bully is underneath the surface. I will not seek vengeance as that belongs to God. Instead, I will live my best life and be happy… I will SHINE!!!